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Quality Control

It is our belief, and our past performances prove that a well-run, well-organized, and safely executed project is a quality project. As we maintain our programs, we strive for excellence through a well-qualified, dedicated, and quality-conscious workforce of highly skilled craft persons, supervisors, and support staff.
⦁ Human Resources and Personnel Staffing
⦁ Experienced Quality Management Teams & Supervision on Projects
⦁ Quality Must Be Managed: We understand this and will implement procedures to manage.
⦁ Monitor Our Processes: We realize that processes must be monitored, corrected, and employees properly trained on them.
⦁ Find the Cure: We will find the cure to the problem and not just continue to treat the symptoms.
⦁ Empower our People: All employees are responsible for quality.
⦁ Goals: Our processes will ensure effective measurements are in place, so the desired effect is achieved.
⦁ Continuous Improvement: Will be continuously improving to stay in tune with the latest technology.
⦁ Long Term Investment: Quality is ever evolving and will be an integral part of our long-term plan.
⦁ All SES Jobsite Quality Control Leads hold at minimum of 10 years of experience and/or a C.W.I. Certification through A.W.S.
⦁ All SES Welders are tested and qualified in accordance with ASME SEC. IX, API 1104 or of that required by the clients. All tests are witnessed by a C.W.I. from start to finish. We have a program set up allowing SES to preform NDE (VT, PT, RT, UT, MT, PMI, HT all being level ll) certifications within the company. Tests will be performed by the Corporate QA/QC Manager and/or Field QA/QC Manager.
⦁ Welding procedures are in accordance with ASME SEC. IX or API 1104 but not limited to the minimum Code Standards that apply to the project. We can test, qualify, certify, and/or submit any WPS, PQR, WQR, with in two business days of initial request of documentation (WPS, WQR, and PQR).
⦁ SES has many different Welding Procedures, all in accordance with ASME SEC. IX or API 1104, to cover even the most exotic metals like Chrome Alloys, Stainless, Inconel, Duplex, and Aluminums.
⦁ Code Stamps: We hold R, S, PP stamps, & ASME.
⦁ The Standard Weld tests include:
⦁ 2’’ a 625-wall coupon in a 6g position
⦁ 2’’ s/80 coupon 6g position
⦁ 8” S/80 coupon 6g position
⦁ API 1104 tests include:
⦁ 12” on 12” inverted branch weld test (layout, cut, fit, and weld)
⦁ 12’’ butt weld in a 6G or 5G position
⦁ Our Quality Department and its representatives has the capability and knowledge to properly interpret all National Standards and/or Client Specifications that apply to this craft.

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Sage Energy Services is a full service oil and gas contractor that has the knowledge and experience to handle any facility, pipeline or general construction need. From turn key operations as a general contractor to any portion of the job in between, Sage Energy Services can efficiently get the job done on time and within budget.

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